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Purely from a market perspective, if there is any inevitable destiny for American settlement patterns, it will be the reurbanization of our cities and towns...

Remaking, reforming, and rebuilding American settlement patterns will be the major real estate story of the first half of the 21st century.

- Douglass Farr, Sustainable Urbanism


CITY Properties Group is a multi-disciplinary real estate development firm known for creating unique mixed-use properties in Louisville’s downtown, incorporating residential, commercial, retail, and entertainment uses. Our lean, efficient in-house staff includes representatives from architecture, urban planning, preservation, asset management, property management, marketing, event production, construction coordination, and commercial and residential real estate. Each of these disciplines support the vision of creating and maintaining new urban neighborhoods by preserving Louisville’s unique heritage and creating new urban places.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Creating distinct urban projects with an identity requires a team of uniquely talented individuals working together to achieve a common goal, with a process that is flexible enough to be refined and adapted to each project. Our in-house professionals all become involved in the many divergent aspects of the planning and design process.


By combining urban attractions for education and entertainment, restaurants, shops, office space, residential apartments and condominiums, event space, and urban park space, we are able to offer dynamic 24-hour mixed-use neighborhoods. These elements in historic areas provide the opportunity for a community full of character, stories, and vibrancy especially focused on local investment and partnerships.

Historic Rehabilitation

One of our fundamental beliefs is that sustainability can be created and maintained by preserving the existing buildings and character in a neighborhood, and adding infill where necessary. Historic buildings possess a refined craftsmanship and an emotional value, drawing many tenants into rehabilitated buildings and neighborhoods.  Our experts have utilized strong preservation guidelines and incentives to revitalize the character, livability, and viability of historic projects.

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City Destinations is the events company of CITY Properties Group, providing the premier events space in downtown Louisville. The elegance of The Henry Clay, the history of Whiskey Row Lofts, and the dramatic views of the SkyLoft at ZirMed Towers are all highlighted through special events in the various spaces. Spaces of all sizes are ideal for social and business events, fundraisers, galas, weddings and more.

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City Visions Associates is a consulting team comprised of Barry Alberts and Bill Weyland of CITY Properties Group, with the combined knowledge and expertise of the whole CITY team. CityVisions Associates offers a full range of place-making services from urban planning and urban design, to real estate project development feasibility and assessment, to the actual development of property in urban downtowns and neighborhoods.